Learn About Tile

Sealing Your New Tile Job

Natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, and grout are durable surfaces. However, if not properly sealed, they are easily susceptible to staining. Natural stone can be very porous. Kiln fired ceramic and porcelain tile are nearly impervious to liquids. Tile grout, on the other hand, is also very porous. Sealing your new stone or tile job is always recommended. A good penetrating sealer will protect against staining and water damage. Sealing your tile grout and stone will also make cleaning easier.

Tile Care & Maintenance

Keep your tile, grout, and stone looking great by following some simple precautions.  Natural stone and grout are porous materials, susceptible to staining and water penetration. We recommend that all grout and stone jobs be sealed with the appropriate sealer. Unprotected, grout can be stained by daily use and spills.

Cleaning Grout and Stone Tiles

Cleaning products with ammonia or bleach should never be used on grout or natural stone.  You should read the product label to insure that it does not contain ammonia or bleach.  Brand name products such as Tile-X can be used for every day cleaning. Professional cleaning and sealing products, such as DuPont™ StoneTech® , can be purchased at tile retailers.  Some of these cleaners are for heavy duty cleaning, and may require dilution.   You should read the product label for proper mixing.

Our Satisfied Customers

Dear Scott, Just a word to tell you how pleased we are with the tile you installed for us recently. Bob applied the sealant you said we should, and today we are having our carpet installed. John, the carpet installer, admired your work, too, and was careful of it as he butted the carpeting up to the tile's edge. Your meticulous attention to detail and your craftsmanship has given us a floor we will enjoy every day of our lives. Thanks, Scott, and say hi to Tom (employee).

Lynn Perry